What is Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative?

Community: Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative is not just another place to live; it is a community.

Safe Place: It is a safe place where people get involved, learn, grow, and come to know one another.

Home: People work together to create a home. There is no landlord here. We, as members, make the decisions as to how our co-op is run and how money is spent. As a community we own the units and the land, however, no one has equity from their time here.

Non-Profit Housing Co-operative: Beaver Creek is a non-profit- housing co-operative, and as such, all housing fees are used for the community’s benefit.

Democratic: Each member has a voice in a democratic system where we each contribute our strengths and skills for the betterment of everyone else.

We Work Together: No one has to do everything, and no one has to know everything since as we work together we can rely on each other to fill in the gaps. There is always a chance to learn new skills through mentorship from other members.

Diverse: Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative is a great place to make connections with a wide range of people. We value diversity and our membership reflects that value. We have members from a whole variety of walks of life. You are sure to find many people to befriend.

Everyone Helps One Another: One of the things people find a pleasant surprise when them move here is that everyone helps one another. It is common to share your resources with others. For example, if you need a cup of sugar for a recipe, you can go ask a neighbour. Or, if you do not have a power drill, ask a neighbour. Or, if you need help moving a couch, ask a neighbour. Or, if you need someone to mind the children because you have an emergency trip to the hospital, ask a neighbour. Someone is almost always available to help. You are not alone; you belong to a community.

A Healthy, Organic Space: Beaver Creek is also a healthy, organic space. This is true, not only people-wise, but also environmentally. There is plenty of green space for gardens and for playing. It is a great place for children to grow-up as they enjoy the outdoor environment, and they benefit from the community of adults and children alike.

Members here at BCHC agree to live according to the Seven Co-operative Principles, and they work toward fulfilling Beaver Creek’s Mission statement. These principles empower us and help us lead a life that is joyful and satisfying.

Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative is a member of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada), and the Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation (COCHF).