Beaver Creek Housing Cooperative (BCHC) is an excellent place to live. Not only is it a great community, but it is also situated favourably in the wider, City of Waterloo, community.

We are located on the edge of Laurel Creek Conservation area, near the corner of Bearinger Road and Westmount Road. As a result, we are within walking distance of:

  • the #9 bus route
  • the University of Waterloo Research and Technology park,
  • the Stork Family YMCA,
  • the Harper and McCormick branches of the Waterloo Public Library system,
  • numerous churches,
  • three schools — one Catholic, and two public schools, one with a French immersion program,
  • a pedestrian path that leads to the University of Waterloo,
  • a couple small shopping plazas, and
  • a number of walking and biking trails both inside and outside of Laurel Creek Conservation area,

and within a ten minute drive to:

  • St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market,
  • the town of St. Jacobs,
  • Uptown Waterloo,
  • the University of Waterloo,
  • Wilfred Laurier University, and
  • a number of shopping establishments, including Conestoga Mall.