Photo: This sunset has us dreaming of far-away lands

TreeHugger - Sat, 2014/02/15 - 2:30pm
The fantastic blue water and delicate purple clouds seem like the backdrop for a daydream.
Categories: Environment

Bogotá car-free day becomes car-free week

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 10:05pm
Bogotá was a pioneer of car-free day. Now, it has decided to one-up that and move to having a car-free week.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Winter waterfall

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 8:58pm
The waterfall at Mulberry Creek Dam looking chilly but lovely.
Categories: Environment

Open source DIY bug farm aims to make growing edible insects at home as easy as growing sprouts

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 6:23pm
While growing sprouts and micro-greens on your counter is a great start, the future of sustainable home food production might be found in growing and harvesting your own edible insects.
Categories: Environment

What happens when a Tesla electric car gets rear ended?

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 4:49pm
This is just one data point, and it doesn't mean the car is indestructible, but it does give an idea of how well built it is.
Categories: Environment

The surprising love life of ants

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 4:39pm
Did you know that worker ants are all female? Or that unfertilized ant eggs are all male? Explore the strange love life of these insects in the Valentine's edition of The Brain Scoop.
Categories: Environment

Protecting pristine lands for future generations

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 3:12pm
Interior Secretary Jewell's visits to Southern New Mexico and California are positive signs that the President is listening to the American public, hearing demands that they want their special places protected.
Categories: Environment

Grow some food. Grow wherever you are.

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 1:00pm
"Growing Cities" is an inspiring new film that explores urban farming in America. You'll want to dig up your lawn after watching this!
Categories: Environment

Popeye the Sailor Man after a life of eating from BPA lined cans

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/14 - 11:52am
Cartoonist Joe Mohr shows how the chemical might have affected the cartoon hero
Categories: Environment

Photo: Chirping robin chick

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 8:34pm
Baby birds are a wonderful mix of ugly and cute.
Categories: Environment

International Olympic Committee should ban lead shot

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 7:52pm
A biologist from the University of Guelph says the lead pellets used by Olympic shooters pose are a source of pollution.
Categories: Environment

Wayback Machine: How to clean your sidewalk with calcium carbide

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 7:20pm
Or should we call this the "What could possibly go wrong department"
Categories: Environment

Used plastic shopping bags can be converted into diesel fuel

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 5:55pm
There might finally be a good use for all of those ridiculously wasteful and environmentally harmful plastic shopping bags.
Categories: Environment

Study: Crocodiles able to climb trees

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 4:40pm
As far as discoveries go, this is a somewhat terrifying one, assuming one has a healthy respect for crocodiles on the ground.
Categories: Environment

Church of England to fight "great demon" climate change, mulls divestment from fossil fuels

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 4:14pm
Inspired by massive flooding in the UK, the Church of England is renewing its commitment to fighting climate change. And that's sending a signal to the markets.
Categories: Environment

The New American Dream Home

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 3:37pm
A New York family re-envisions what the American ideal could look like in the 21st Century
Categories: Environment

Another reason to not live in all-glass tall buildings: The landlord always wins

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 2:11pm
The landlord and the tenants at the Burj Khalifa are having a fight, but the landlord controls the air conditioning and the elevators.
Categories: Environment

5 foods you shouldn't eat if you care about the environment

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 1:00pm
You've heard them all before, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded of why these foods are destructive to our planet.
Categories: Environment

How a talented architect makes an RV look like a charming cabin in the woods

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 12:43pm
Tiny homes are, well, tiny. Here's a type designed by Kelly Davis that tops out at a comfy 400 square feet.
Categories: Environment

Why the Dutch don't wear helmets

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/13 - 12:00pm
One of the most contentious topics in the bicycling world is helmets, and not which color is prettiest. Some Dutch readers recently chimed in on a TreeHugger post to tell us why they don't wear helmets.
Categories: Environment
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