Does this new rocket engine threaten to fill the atmosphere with mercury?

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 9:35pm
That's the worry about this Apollo Constellation engine.
Categories: Environment

ThredUP dishes on the most commonly purged holiday gifts

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 8:18pm
The online consignment store sees which brands people are most keen to get rid of – and which ones they keep.
Categories: Environment

Not-So-Lonely Wanderer is a charming 202 sq. ft. tiny house (Video)

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 6:44pm
Featuring a tall living room and a big kitchen, this tiny dwelling from Canada packs a big personality.
Categories: Environment

Take your next vacation off the beaten track

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 6:41pm
It's a wide world out there. Broaden your horizons to escape the crowds – and keep the locals happier.
Categories: Environment

How to avoid getting sick from E. coli

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 5:54pm
Skip the whole 'adventures in food-poisoning' thing with these simple precautions.
Categories: Environment

6 tips for eating mindfully this Thanksgiving

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 4:47pm
Don't stress about the bountiful spread. Enjoy the special occasion.
Categories: Environment

Another good reason to go Passivhaus: It keeps the smoke out

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 3:30pm
Building a tight envelope and having a good air filter turns out to work well when the fires are burning.
Categories: Environment

Study shows that people who walk and bike to main streets spend 40 percent more than people who drive

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 2:12pm
Doing street improvements for pedestrians and cyclists increases sales by 30 percent. So why aren't cities doing it?
Categories: Environment

Coal-fired power plant to become solar-powered village

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 11:57am
Now that's progress...
Categories: Environment

The top 10 healthy food trends for 2019

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 11:01am
The spot-on prognosticators at Whole Foods have released their predictions for the new year – here's what to expect.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Pool of water reveals a surprise

TreeHugger - Wed, 2018/11/21 - 11:00am
Our dreamy photo of the day is a portrait of the Southwest.
Categories: Environment

A photographic journey through a world of fridges

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 6:59pm
Take a peek at how people in other countries shop for groceries.
Categories: Environment

The Hen House shows how to downsize your space and your energy bill

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 6:34pm
"This is a house that sits lightly in its landscape, with minimal running costs and maximum delight."
Categories: Environment

Injured turtle gets custom-built LEGO wheelchair (video)

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 6:14pm
Veterinarians built this sweet mini-wheelchair for a turtle with a shattered shell.
Categories: Environment

What happens when turkeys encounter a pole (video)

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 4:48pm
These are not the brightest of animals.
Categories: Environment

7 questions to make you a more mindful shopper this holiday season

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 4:33pm
Use these questions to kickstart a tough conversation with family about how to handle holiday gifts.
Categories: Environment

Experimental office space uses biophilic design to create a 'living lab'

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 4:24pm
Humanity's innate love for nature is integrated into this design for a biologically attuned and meditative workspace in London.
Categories: Environment

The 'one in, one out' rule could solve your wardrobe woes

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 3:40pm
It's more effective than a shopping ban at reducing clutter and unnecessary spending.
Categories: Environment

Why the Transportation Energy Intensity of buildings matters

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 3:37pm
Alex Wilson and Paula Melton of BuildingGreen dust off their earlier work.
Categories: Environment

18 unexpected recipes for sweet potatoes

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/20 - 3:10pm
From fondue and latkes to waffles and cheesecake, it's time to escape the sweet potato slump.
Categories: Environment
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