Fish oil in the news again: but is it snake oil?

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/13 - 11:00am
New study on fish oil benefits has some foibles, the least of which is it's not fish oil.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Misty pond is a study in tranquility

TreeHugger - Tue, 2018/11/13 - 10:00am
Our photo of the day comes from Alden, Illinois.
Categories: Environment

One year later, it looks like putting people before cars in Toronto was a success

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 8:40pm
The King Street Pilot Project numbers look good.
Categories: Environment

Ithaca is first to declare itself a 'free range kid city'

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 7:26pm
Welcome to a place in the U.S. where kids are officially allowed to be kids.
Categories: Environment

London parents crowd-fund to install living wall at school playground to suck up pollution

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 7:20pm
But really, they should be dealing with the source of the problem.
Categories: Environment

Artist's architectural illusions transforming urban walls (Video)

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 6:38pm
Blank city walls are huge canvases for this artist transforming our perception of ordinary buildings.
Categories: Environment

Scotland's wind turbines generated '98% of electricity demand' last month

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 6:03pm
On some days, wind generated as much as 234% of demand.
Categories: Environment

Plot twist! Elephants come up with a foolproof way to survive ivory poachers

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 5:57pm
Never ever underestimate the intelligence of Mother Nature.
Categories: Environment

What it's like to take a 1,000-mile road trip in a Tesla

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 5:03pm
In a single word, easy.
Categories: Environment

Women around the world are having fewer babies

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 4:42pm
A new study found global fertility rates are on the decline in hundreds of countries
Categories: Environment

Florida development is a trifecta of solar power, size and efficiency

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 3:00pm
Finally, Net Zero done right.
Categories: Environment

Did scientists just solve the mystery of the pyramids?

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 11:03am
For thousands of years, people have wondered how these monuments in Egypt were made.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Butterfly can't quite hide

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/12 - 11:00am
Our photo of the day shines the spotlight on a pretty wing.
Categories: Environment

100 years ago, food helped win the war

TreeHugger - Sun, 2018/11/11 - 5:57pm
100 years later, there are still lessons to be learned: Eat less, eat better, don't waste, and share.
Categories: Environment

New MacBook Air is easier to repair

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/09 - 7:59pm
But it still only gets a 3 out of 10 from iFixit.
Categories: Environment

This luxurious tiny house is powered by coffee grounds (Video)

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/09 - 6:03pm
Compact but comfortable, this small home features clever small space design ideas and uses coffee grounds as fuel.
Categories: Environment

All about eaves: Giant wood overhanging roof keeps glass wall from overheating

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/09 - 5:12pm
This is a beautiful house, but it raises a lot of questions about what "respect for the environment" means.
Categories: Environment

6 ways to fight the 'Sunday Scaries'

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/09 - 5:00pm
Dreading the start of a new work week? Here are some ideas for keeping the blues at bay.
Categories: Environment

The mystery of people who can feel others being touched

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/09 - 5:00pm
"Super-empaths" can't distinguish between themselves and other people.
Categories: Environment

Does wedding rice really hurt birds?

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/09 - 4:13pm
At some point we were told not to toss rice at the newly betrothed because of the birds – here's the real reason why we shouldn't.
Categories: Environment
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