I just saw a peacock in a bakery

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 8:15pm
Welcome to New York.
Categories: Environment

Geometric 154 sq. ft. office-on-wheels is built with reclaimed materials

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 6:58pm
This portable workspace prototype can move whenever needed.
Categories: Environment

Tomorrow: 1945 movie shows the glorious future of prefab

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 6:54pm
We have seen this movie before.
Categories: Environment

5 fun ways to get free stuff on Black Friday

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 6:33pm
Skip the whole bloodsport of shopping thing and plan a craft day, cookie exchange or clothing swap instead.
Categories: Environment

Aerogel is made from waste plastic bottles

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 4:34pm
Researchers at the National University of Singapore call it an "ultralight supermaterial."
Categories: Environment

IPCC says we have 12 years to cut carbon by 45%. What does that look like?

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 2:37pm
A manifesto from a London activist looks pretty scary, but is a great place to start a discussion.
Categories: Environment

One third of Britons has drastically reduced meat consumption

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 1:00pm
The annual survey by Waitrose shows that customers are also using less plastic after watching 'Blue Planet II.'
Categories: Environment

Photo: Welcome to the ibis public baths

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 11:00am
Our photo of the day reveals why ibises are always so presentable.
Categories: Environment

Makeup remover wipes now come with more plastic

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 11:00am
All because people are too lazy to find a sink.
Categories: Environment

I don't think America wants me to vote

TreeHugger - Mon, 2018/11/05 - 7:42am
The scales are tilted against young people voting.
Categories: Environment

Smart money is betting on offsite construction. Will it work this time?

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 6:41pm
A lot of things have changed, but much hasn't.
Categories: Environment

Ducks enjoy a stunning sunset in Wisconsin (photo)

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 6:00pm
Madison is a city of lakes.
Categories: Environment

It's that time of year when we look at how it's time to dump Standard and Daylight Saving Time

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 5:52pm
We don't need Railway Time or War Time anymore; let's party like it's 1882 and bring back Your Time.
Categories: Environment

The pot that's worth its weight in gold

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 4:51pm
No matter what I'm cooking, I always seem to reach for the same pot.
Categories: Environment

Neuroscientist's chromatic 'dreamscapes' of Iceland are emotionally evocative

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 4:45pm
These pink and blue-tinted photographs suggest that our biology has a big influence on the way we perceive reality.
Categories: Environment

Palau becomes first nation to ban chemical sunscreens

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 2:59pm
The island nation in the western Pacific wants to protect its coral reefs from toxic sunscreen runoff.
Categories: Environment

75 percent of Venice just went underwater

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 2:48pm
That's more underwater than usual.
Categories: Environment

Safety experts recommend mandatory helmets for golfers

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 12:35pm
It is a fore-gone conclusion that this will happen. After all, "if it saves just one life...."
Categories: Environment

Shipping industry cracks down on plastic waste

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 10:16am
Of all the places to take action on marine litter, this one makes the most sense.
Categories: Environment

Photo: The beautiful hoodoos of Aqua Canyon

TreeHugger - Fri, 2018/11/02 - 9:00am
Our photo of the day comes from Bryce Canyon, Utah.
Categories: Environment
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