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Updated: 3 years 47 weeks ago

Do you know what's in your fish oil supplement?

Mon, 2014/01/27 - 1:00pm
One testing company shows that labels aren't as concise as they should be.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Lake becomes a mountain's mirror

Sun, 2014/01/26 - 1:00pm
Another fabulous landscape of water and sky.
Categories: Environment

Hits of the Designboom Mart at IDS 2014

Sat, 2014/01/25 - 3:19pm
We always head straight for the exhibition of young designers' work whenever they are at a show.
Categories: Environment

The top ten posts of the week, from singing frogs to doing laundry

Sat, 2014/01/25 - 1:59pm
It's like a different era, with tiny houses and musical bicycles.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Frosted flower

Sat, 2014/01/25 - 1:00pm
This flower is as beautiful covered in snow as it is in bloom.
Categories: Environment

China added more solar capacity in 2013 than any other country ever has in a single year (12GW)

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 8:39pm
While the US reached 10 gigawatts of total installed solar PV last summer and should end 2013 a bit above that, China has also had a very productive 2013 on the solar front.
Categories: Environment

A bike ring that doesn't scratch your bike- It's made of rubber

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 8:05pm
The Federal Inc. bike ring bends and flexes, but is still secure.
Categories: Environment

Tesla takes an electric roadtrip across Europe to celebrate new Supercharger network (video)

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 7:40pm
To celebrate the new network of Supercharger fast-charging stations (fast, free, and powered by renewable energy) that allow Tesla electric car owners to drive across the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, Tesla decided to take a roadtrip.
Categories: Environment

World's oldest known cancer found in dogs

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 6:43pm
The cancer is not unusual because it's 11,000 years old, but also because it can be spread from dog to dog.
Categories: Environment

Cold waves used to be more frequent, and now that we're not used to them, they seem worse

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 4:55pm
Explaining a joke might make it less funny, but there's an important point in there.
Categories: Environment

Alternative's spring collection features organic cottons made in Peru

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 4:23pm
Find all your sunny-day basics made with fair-trade fabrics and natural dyes.
Categories: Environment

TreeHugger Town & Country: Yoga in the morning, yoga at night

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 1:30pm
Yoga can be coffee for the soul in the morning, or a great way to put a lid on the work day.
Categories: Environment

Want fabulous clear skin? Try the Oil Cleansing Method.

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 1:00pm
Once you trade in conventional facial cleansers for oil, you'll never look back.
Categories: Environment

Student designed 70 sq. ft. living pod can be towed with regular car (Video)

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 12:00pm
Designed and built by sixteen students, this tiny home is made to be towed by four-cylinder vehicle with a standard trailer.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Pine clings to cliff

Fri, 2014/01/24 - 12:00pm
This lone tree sits on the slope of Figueroa Mountain in Los Padres National Forest.
Categories: Environment

Unlike humans, old trees grow faster than young ones, new study shows

Thu, 2014/01/23 - 9:45pm
It makes intuitive sense to use that most living things, us included, have a growth spurt when they're young, and then slow down or stop. But it doesn't apply to trees.
Categories: Environment

It's not the economy, stupid; young people really are turning their backs on cars

Thu, 2014/01/23 - 9:39pm
Car columnist Jeremy Cato says it's all about the money, and that kids still want cars. Here's why he's wrong.
Categories: Environment

FedEx to test Nissan's electric e-NV200 delivery van in Washington DC area

Thu, 2014/01/23 - 9:10pm
After pilot programs in international markets like Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Brazil, FedEx will deploy a fleet of electric delivery vans in Washington DC.
Categories: Environment

First ever 'magma-enhanced' geothermal system created in Iceland, breaks record for geothermal heat

Thu, 2014/01/23 - 8:04pm
Geothermal energy constantly gets overshadowed by other sources of clean energy, like wind and solar, because it's still more expensive. But with every passing year, it gets closer to its time in the spotlight.
Categories: Environment

The open-office backlash continues, but it is a lost cause to hope that the private office is coming back.

Thu, 2014/01/23 - 7:16pm
Architect Lance Hosey notes that "Despite criticism, open workspaces are still the smartest solution."
Categories: Environment