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Updated: 3 years 47 weeks ago

On Designboom: Student residence built out of shipping containers stacked on silos

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 4:07pm
Students are used to be stuck in silos and boxes. Here, it's for real.
Categories: Environment

Modular construction and cross-laminated timber, together at last!

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 3:38pm
Weber Thompson proposes an eleven storey wood prefab
Categories: Environment

Hit or Miss: Is the rechargeable LED bottle light the new romantic centrepiece?

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 2:12pm
Instead of tossing your old wine bottles, you can turn them into modern lamps.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Hoary marmots wrestle

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 1:30pm
Hoary marmots (Marmota caligata) are the largest North American ground squirrel.
Categories: Environment

Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet (book review)

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 1:00pm
If you have not "tasted the revolution" yet, learn why and how from Daniella Martin of Girl Meets Bug fame
Categories: Environment

There are toxic 'little monsters' lurking in your children's new clothes

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 1:00pm
Join the DETOX campaign to pressure the fashion industry to stop exposing our kids to hazardous chemicals and contaminating waterways.
Categories: Environment

Modular all-in-one chicken coop & garden composts too

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 12:00pm
This neat design includes raised gardening beds, a composting bin and a chicken coop that can be arranged in various configurations.
Categories: Environment

Make an adjustable pinhole camera

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 12:00pm
This project lets you convert an old camera into an adjustable pinhole camera with three different pinhole sizes.
Categories: Environment

Existing wind turbines to get <5% boost in output

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 11:43am
GE launches an upgrade program for turbines that are already in the field, boosting power and increasing profitability.
Categories: Environment

11 electrified cars under $30,000 (videos)

Tue, 2014/02/11 - 12:03am
11 electric cars now cost less than $30,000 after the federal EV tax credit in the US. Here they are, as well as some important data and notes regarding each one.
Categories: Environment

GMO soybeans are bad for Mexico's beekeepers

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 10:52pm
Beekeepers in the Yucatan face a threat to their livelihoods as Europe rejects their products for GMO contamination.
Categories: Environment

NASA's electric car pilot program is 10x better than expected at reducing CO2 emissions

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 9:25pm
Too much of what we think we know about the benefits of going electric is based on theoretical models. It's time that more real-world tests were done to show what the real benefits are.
Categories: Environment

Dutch and Swedish lotteries make the largest donation ever ($21+ million) to fight rhino poaching

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 8:42pm
Wildlife conservation could use more acts of such generosity!
Categories: Environment

This electric-assist cargo bike is powered with a built-in solar panel

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 8:15pm
This electric bicycle carries 150+ pounds of cargo and features an integrated 60W solar panel and rebuildable battery pack.
Categories: Environment

Materials Monday: Watershed Materials turns rammed earth into a building block

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 6:52pm
Regular cement is responsible for 5% of the world's CO2; this new block uses have as much as regular concrete.
Categories: Environment

Here's why "natural" is not "organic" [video]

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 6:12pm
A fun little video explains why you should look for certified organic foods.
Categories: Environment

Reclaiming our cities from the automobile: start with plowing the bike lanes

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 5:35pm
Chris Hume of the Toronto Star writes about the reasons that cars are losing their allure, and how little cities are doing to accommodate these changes
Categories: Environment

Palau to ban commercial fishing and become a marine sanctuary "roughly the size of France"

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 5:24pm
"We have no choice - the ocean is our way of life," president Remengesau said.
Categories: Environment

BMW showcases 94-MPG BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and i3 EV in Sochi olympics ads (video)

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 3:35pm
The Sochi winter olympics are a big media event, and BMW has decided to spend a truckload of cash to promote its new i8 plug-in hybrid 'halo' car.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Beached bluebottle is pretty and a little sad

Mon, 2014/02/10 - 3:15pm
Also known as a Portuguese man o' war, this creature is not a type of jellyfish but can sting like one.
Categories: Environment