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Updated: 3 years 47 weeks ago

"We’re here. We’re in the post-antibiotic era."

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 4:13pm
A must-see episode of FRONTLINE covers the ways antibiotic overuse in medicine and factory farms has led to the evolution of new antibiotic-resistant super bugs.
Categories: Environment

Fogo Island Inn is more than a building, it is a vision of the future

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 4:08pm
Zita Cobb develops a new economic model for a dying outport in Newfoundland.
Categories: Environment

Google may be building floating data center in San Francisco Bay

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 2:59pm
They've been preparing to build a floating data center that would run off wave power for years.
Categories: Environment

Will 3D printing in the home actually catch on?

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 2:42pm
Russell Davies in the Observer thinks that it is "exciting and revolutionary", but not in the way most people are thinking.
Categories: Environment

Hundreds of North Dakota oil spills hidden from public

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 2:03pm
Nearly 300 oil spills in North Dakota have been hidden from the public according to a new report by the Associate Press.
Categories: Environment

8 historic buildings that are (and were) environmentally friendly

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 1:19pm
21st century upgrades are great, but 19th and early 20th century buildings are already pretty green.
Categories: Environment

"If you love nature, stay away from it." - Another look at whether cities are the greenest place to live

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 12:17pm
LifeEdited looks at both sides of the controversial issue.
Categories: Environment

Baked apples with walnut-herb stuffing [Vegan]

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 12:00pm
The sweetness of baked apples, filled with the savory, herb-flavored deliciousness of walnut-raisin stuffing -- you just can't beat a dish like this for celebrating favorite fall flavors. And best of all, it's vegan!
Categories: Environment

Joe Fresh creator barely acknowledges Bangladeshi factory collapse during Toronto Fashion Week

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 12:00pm
Joe Mimran is more concerned with his flow of creative juices than the tragedy.
Categories: Environment

Photo of the Day: March of the geese

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 11:00am
Three geese march in a row in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam
Categories: Environment

Flatpack solar-powered refugee housing is IKEA's latest design

Mon, 2013/10/28 - 10:04am
Most refugees live in refugee camps for an average of 12 years and most of that time it's in drafty, tattered tents. Now IKEA has a solar-powered camp house that is flatpack and quick to assemble.
Categories: Environment