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Updated: 3 years 47 weeks ago

The top 10 posts of January, sort of

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 6:58pm
Let's call them the top ten new posts of the month because the archives really beat us all.
Categories: Environment

Why I write about sustainable fashion brands

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 6:21pm
Some feel that our coverage of clothing is "un-TreeHugger." Here's my rebuttal.
Categories: Environment

On Designboom: A gorgeous house built on stilts

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 5:13pm
One way to guarantee a view and to tread lightly is to build high in the sky.
Categories: Environment

Happy Chinese New Year: A roundup of some of our favorite posts

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:43pm
From speeding trains to instant buildings to tiny houses, so much interesting stuff is happening there.
Categories: Environment

"Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products" (book review)

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:00pm
Jeannie Marshall explores the negative impact of processed food on children the world over.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Scarlett quince blossom

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:00pm
We thought you could use some color in your day.
Categories: Environment

World's largest solar bridge now officially launched

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 11:59am
The 1.1MW rail bridge spanning the Thames has been praised as London's latest architectural gem.
Categories: Environment

Keeping mason bees in your fridge (and other ideas for helping wild pollinators)

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 11:26am
Honeybees aren't the only pollinators who need our help. Let's not forget the wild ones too.
Categories: Environment

5 things I loved about living in Groningen

Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:07am
I lived in Groningen for 5 months, while doing my master's thesis on the relationship between bicycle infrastructure and bicycle transportation. Here are the 5 things I loved most about life in Groningen.
Categories: Environment

Wayback Machine: Still waiting for that Personal Rapid Transit

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 8:52pm
The self-driving car pretty much closes the books on this one, thankfully.
Categories: Environment

A flat-pack boombox for your smartphone, made from recycled cardboard

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 8:47pm
These build-it-yourself cardboard boomboxes offer a chance to mesh the audio style of the '80s with the smartphones of the 21st century.
Categories: Environment

Tesla team attempts Guinness World Record by driving from Los Angeles to New York City

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 8:35pm
While it's been possible to drive across the U.S. in an electric car for a long time, until recently it was impossible to do if you wanted to only charge at Supercharger stations.
Categories: Environment

Gifteng is the Pinterest of the gift economy

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 7:54pm
A new gift-giving platform hopes to harness the power of social media.
Categories: Environment

New hearing aids are like Google Glass for the ears

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 7:50pm
The new Resound hearing aids connect directly to your smart phone so that you are almost hard-wired to it
Categories: Environment

Tiny edible batteries could power future biomedical gadgets

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 5:20pm
A low-cost non-toxic sodium ion battery could be swallowed like a pill and used to power medical sensors or other biodegradable medical gadgets.
Categories: Environment

Photo: A row of fluffy cattails

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 4:43pm
Four fluffy cattails, all in a row.
Categories: Environment

Baby polar bear meets snow for the first time [video]

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 3:20pm
Polar bears adapted to live in snow, but this cub hasn't seen the white stuff before.
Categories: Environment

Tiny Home Dome in Oregon costs $200 to build

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 3:01pm
Jeffery the Natural Builder builds a geodesic gem in the woods.
Categories: Environment

Modern prefab gets closer to the right mix of quality and price with the Solo 40

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 2:24pm
Seen at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, the latest from Altius shows the evolution of an idea.
Categories: Environment

Your iPhone prevents you from getting a good night's sleep

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 1:00pm
Human bodies need darkness to release melatonin, the sleep hormone, and LED screens do the opposite by keeping us awake.
Categories: Environment