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Updated: 3 years 47 weeks ago

Is solar power mainstream now?

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 11:41pm
Leading cleantech market research firm GTM Research takes a look at whether or not solar energy has hit the mainstream. Watch the video to find out, then read my commentary to see where I disagree.
Categories: Environment

Why is it so cold if the Earth is warming? (video)

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 9:26pm
Dr. Jeff Masters from Weather Underground drops some science on those who think they can conclude that the planet isn't warming because "it's so cold this winter!"
Categories: Environment

Breathtaking! The winner of The Nature Conservancy's 8th annual photo contest

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 9:06pm
Don't miss the runners-up either.
Categories: Environment

Beautiful headphones made with reclaimed wood help to fund hearing restoration

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 8:58pm
Not only are these headphones eye-catching, they're also helping to make the world a better place with their social good mission.
Categories: Environment

The dishonesty of cheap food

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 8:03pm
Worker wages are the new big battle in the food movement.
Categories: Environment

Bicycling is a form of preventative health care

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 7:22pm
Statistically riding your bike is a lot safer and better for your health than not riding it.
Categories: Environment

Hans Rosling: Debunking the myth that helping the poor is causing overpopulation (video)

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 6:59pm
The incomparable Swedish medical doctor and statistician Hans Rosling tackles a very perverse and tenacious myth about overpopulation.
Categories: Environment

MetLife Stadium, home of this year's Super Bowl, may be "The greenest stadium in the US"

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 5:53pm
it's got rail links, bike racks, LEDs and waterless urinals.
Categories: Environment

Photo: A sliver of the waning moon

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 5:19pm
A beautiful moment in the night sky.
Categories: Environment

Tiny modern house squeezes a lot of living into 136 square feet

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 3:56pm
Not only that, it has an alternating tread storage stair!
Categories: Environment

Butter has won the war. Margarine has been converted.

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 1:00pm
Unilever has had a complete turnaround and is now adding real butter to its spreads.
Categories: Environment

Future solar cells could be made from wood fibers

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 12:00pm
A new type of transparent paper could one day replace the plastic substrates that are used in current solar cells.
Categories: Environment

Should we blame the victim of head injuries if they are not wearing helmets for everything they do?

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 11:28pm
We have certainly covered "blame the victim" syndrome, but a case about to go to court puts a whole new angle on it. Could helmets be required even for car drivers?
Categories: Environment

Tesla could build a factory in China, a future "top market" for the electric car company

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 9:27pm
Tesla is looking over the horizon at future opportunities and ways to keep the market for electric cars growing fast, replacing gas-powered vehicles.
Categories: Environment

Ocean acidification is kryptonite to all coral reefs... except one in the Western Pacific

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 8:29pm
Rising carbon emission from the burning of fossil fuels is increasing the acidity of Earth's oceans. That's very bad for coral reefs, because in acidic environments they can't form calcium carbonate, the building block of corals.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Mama seal and pup

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 8:03pm
Elephant seals share a nuzzle.
Categories: Environment

Solar power was 2nd-largest source of new power in US in 2013... or maybe 1st?

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 7:13pm
According to FERC's latest report, solar power was the #2 source of new power capacity in the US in 2013, only trailing natural gas. However, there's one huge caveat.
Categories: Environment

Human-electric hybrid three-wheeler goes 100 MPH, has 75 mile range

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 7:04pm
Part bicycle and part electric three-wheeled motorcycle, the Human Electric Vehicle prototype demonstrates a different take on hybrid vehicles.
Categories: Environment

Horny Toad's spring 2014 collection stays casual and cool

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 6:24pm
In case you've been wondering where to get the perfect plaid button down, the answer is Horny Toad.
Categories: Environment

How cars have squeezed pedestrians off the streets and made it almost impossible to walk

Tue, 2014/01/28 - 4:25pm
A before and after photo of Lexington Avenue tells the story.
Categories: Environment