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New app helps you avoid food waste while prepping meals

TreeHugger - Tue, 2019/03/19 - 12:00pm
'Meal Prep Mate' gives valuable storing, cooking, and portioning advice.
Categories: Environment

Oil company claims "net zero' emissions goal

TreeHugger - Tue, 2019/03/19 - 10:56am
And yet it still plans to sell more oil...
Categories: Environment

Best way to cut Arctic "black carbon"? Stop burning fossil fuels

TreeHugger - Tue, 2019/03/19 - 10:27am
70% of this potent pollutant comes from fossil fuels, not biomass burning.
Categories: Environment

Whale dies with 40 kilograms of plastic in its stomach

TreeHugger - Tue, 2019/03/19 - 10:00am
Horrified biologists in the Philippine say it's the most plastic they've ever seen in a whale.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Eastern screech-owl at home in a tree

TreeHugger - Tue, 2019/03/19 - 10:00am
Our photo of the day offers a charming glimpse of these tiny, elusive owls.
Categories: Environment

Fantastic anatomical drawings of flora & fauna depict death & renewal

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 8:50pm
Combining realism with an otherworldly aesthetic, these artworks remind us of the interconnectedness of all life.
Categories: Environment

20 ways to use vinegar when doing laundry

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 7:07pm
Need help with the laundry? Head to the pantry.
Categories: Environment

Beer and pop cans are not being recycled because car and airplane makers don't like recycled aluminum

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 6:06pm
Remember how aluminum cans are "100 percent recyclable into pure aluminum"? They lied.
Categories: Environment

Here’s a riveting new e-bike design from Avial

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 3:19pm
This Finnish design doesn’t look quite finished but it is ingenious.
Categories: Environment

You don't have to 'live like a local' to be a good tourist

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 3:00pm
But you do have to get away from the busy attractions.
Categories: Environment

What is the impact of meat on climate?

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 1:23pm
A comprehensive look at why it is a problem, and who is fighting change.
Categories: Environment

Canadians prefer dietary advice from friends over the new Food Guide

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 1:00pm
Researchers are disappointed by the lack of interest in the Guide and wonder how to make it more accessible.
Categories: Environment

Snowplow parents prevent their children from ever growing up

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 11:00am
Doing everything for a kid doesn't set them up for success.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Amused moose

TreeHugger - Mon, 2019/03/18 - 10:00am
Our photo of the day comes from West of Calgary, Canada.
Categories: Environment

A mountain range is a concert hall for this musical duo

TreeHugger - Sat, 2019/03/16 - 1:34pm
The Musical Mountaineers carry a violin and piano up trails to perform in secret wilderness locations.
Categories: Environment

Elegant furniture made with discarded cables from Golden Gate Bridge

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/03/15 - 5:40pm
These old, thick cable ropes have done their job: now it's time to reuse them in a beautiful way.
Categories: Environment

9 fruits and vegetables with a poisonous side

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/03/15 - 5:00pm
We know to avoid mysterious mushrooms, but some unassuming crops also pack a wallop of harmful toxins when eaten under certain conditions.
Categories: Environment

10 steps for a better laundry routine

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/03/15 - 4:22pm
You're probably on autopilot after all these years, but could your technique be further refined?
Categories: Environment

Giant crocheted organism with tentacles emerges in Paris (Video)

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/03/15 - 4:13pm
Gorgeous, soft and looking like a living UFO, this enormous work of textile art is brightening up one Paris institution.
Categories: Environment

Young people take to the streets around the world in the #strike4climate

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/03/15 - 3:37pm
And wow, these scenes from around the world are just amazing.
Categories: Environment
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