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10 ways to use up leftover jam

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/04/12 - 11:00am
You can only eat so many pieces of toast...
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Photo: Family meal, flamingo-style

TreeHugger - Fri, 2019/04/12 - 10:00am
Our photo of the day shows how to make an awkward bill look like a thing of grace.
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Opposition heard to permitting backyard chickens - Simcoe Reformer

Google: Ontario housing coop - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 8:48pm
Opposition heard to permitting backyard chickens  Simcoe Reformer

Support for backyard chickens in urban areas remains solid on Norfolk council. But council members reported this week that opposition to the idea is stirring.

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Fossil trove reveals 'elephants,' rhinos, camels, and more once roamed Texas

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 8:04pm
Tucked away since the late 1930s, a huge haul of fossils shows that the state's coastal plains were a veritable "Texas Serengeti."
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Get your local, artisanal eyeglasses from Look Again

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 7:31pm
Do you know the provenance of your glasses, what they are made of and who made them? I do.
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8 great houseplants for the kitchen

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 6:06pm
From helping clear the air to offering a culinary assist, these houseplants make great partners for the kitchen.
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Walking is urban epoxy

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 5:47pm
It supports economic growth, social development, and environmental stewardship.
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Don't wait for a doctor to prescribe play for your kid

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 5:00pm
Make unstructured play time a priority now.
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We should all adopt 'hanami,' the Japanese tradition of flower viewing

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 1:47pm
In Japan, celebrating the transient beauty of flowers is a beloved custom when the cherry blossoms spring to life.
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Community housing partnership to deliver transformative housing initiative - Canada NewsWire

Google: Ontario housing coop - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 1:45pm
Community housing partnership to deliver transformative housing initiative  Canada NewsWire

OTTAWA, April 11, 2019 /CNW/ - A national partnership of housing organizations announced today that CMHC has selected its proposal to create a Community.

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Fiat Chrysler offsetting emissions with credits from Tesla

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 12:18pm
This doesn't seem right.
Categories: Environment

Plastic bottles are the most common litter in European waterways

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 12:00pm
A report found that bottles have surpassed bags and straws when it comes to prevalence in freshwater rivers.
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'Sad, bland vegetables and cheesy noodles': Two parents dish on the trials of child-feeding

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 11:00am
This week's family meal-prepping interview is overflowing with honesty and humor.
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Photo: California towhee is the picture of spring

TreeHugger - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 10:00am
Our photo of the day comes from Atascadero, California.
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A Stronger National Housing Strategy - Canada NewsWire

Google: Ontario housing coop - Thu, 2019/04/11 - 7:00am
A Stronger National Housing Strategy  Canada NewsWire

MONTREAL, April 11, 2019 /CNW/ - Our Government strongly believes that all Canadians should have access to safe and affordable housing. That is why we ...

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California to allow flame retardant-free insulation below grade, under concrete

TreeHugger - Wed, 2019/04/10 - 8:12pm
A step in the right direction, considering that flame retardants don't actually do that much.
Categories: Environment

11 ingredients you can use instead of butter

TreeHugger - Wed, 2019/04/10 - 6:53pm
From cooking and baking to garnishing, there is life after butter.
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The Hiatus is part of a new official subdivision for tiny homes in Oregon

TreeHugger - Wed, 2019/04/10 - 5:59pm
This 598-square-foot model home is one of the almost two dozen homes that are slated to go up as part of a tiny house community.
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"Phone addicts" may have killed over 6,000 American pedestrians last year

TreeHugger - Wed, 2019/04/10 - 5:08pm
A shocking Zendrive study finds drivers on the phone 10 percent of the time, but hey, they think they are safe drivers.
Categories: Environment

Here's how much fruit and vegetables you should be eating every day

TreeHugger - Wed, 2019/04/10 - 3:30pm
Only 1 in 10 Americans meets the federal fruit and vegetable recommendations; here's what to aim for.
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