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iPod-powered scarecrows could help subsistence farmers protect crops

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 6:06pm
In the quest to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts for subsistence famers, a high-tech brain helps to power a low-tech solution.
Categories: Environment

Salmon navigate the ocean using magnetic fields

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 5:22pm
Even hatchery-born fish have a magnetic map of the sea.
Categories: Environment

Former Duke Power CEO: I'd want to work in solar

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 4:31pm
When asked what he'd do if he was entering the industry today, Jim Rogers had some very revealing things to say.
Categories: Environment

Super-insulated and Passive Homes laugh at the polar vortex

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 3:09pm
They are not only warm, they are resilient and hold their heat when the power goes out.
Categories: Environment

TreeHugger Town & Country: The "No Shampoo" experiment

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 2:30pm
Margaret and Katherine give up shampoo for a month, with mixed results.
Categories: Environment

Chevy Volt owner surprised to see electric bill go down after getting his Volt, but also knows why

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 2:06pm
Some Chevy Volt owners have expressed surprised after noticing that, following the purchase of their Chevy Volts, their electric bills actually went down. Find out why.
Categories: Environment

On Designboom: Multifunctional artist's studio has the works in a drawer

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 1:50pm
It's part studio, part storage locker with a place for everything.
Categories: Environment

Why I'm hooked on grocery shopping with glass jars

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 1:00pm
They're a great way to reduce household waste, while generating important conversations about plastic use.
Categories: Environment

Top 10 electric car "states" are...

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/02/07 - 1:57am
If you love electric cars and you love rankings, this article is for you! The top 10 electric car states have been unveiled, and there are some surprises on the list.
Categories: Environment

BMW's new i3 electric car is sold out for now, gets HOV lane stickers in California

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 10:15pm
BMW's new electric car, the i3, went for sale in Europe in November and is expected to launch in the U.S. in May and in Asia in around the same time
Categories: Environment

Thermal power plants use 4x more water than all US residents, solar PV doesn't need a drop

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 8:38pm
As you can see in the satellite photos above, California is experiencing a massive drought over most of the state. The most visible aspect from space is the snow cover (or lack thereof) over the Sierra Nevada mountain range
Categories: Environment

Artist creates Climate Change Couture for an apocalyptic future

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 8:31pm
Catherine Sarah Young creates clothes for "how we might live when the earth is not very livable."
Categories: Environment

Autonomous robotic tumbleweed uses the power of the wind to travel the desert and gather data

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 8:25pm
Taking a cue (and its name) from one of the desert's iconic travelers, this robotic data-gathering device could provide researchers with important information about the progress of desertification.
Categories: Environment

Narco-deforestation: Drug traffickers are slashing and burning the forests of Central America

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 7:49pm
Forests in countries like Honduras and Guatemala are removed to allow the construction of roads and secret landing strips used for drug trafficking, as well as to launder dirty money.
Categories: Environment

6 sweaters to celebrate National Sweater Day

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 6:36pm
The WWF has declared it National Sweater Day!
Categories: Environment

What's so vile about vinyl?

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 6:35pm
The plastics industry is going state by state to get LEED banned from government projects. What's their problem?
Categories: Environment

It's National Sweater Day; here's why you should put one on

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 4:38pm
A roundup of our favorite posts about sweaters, energy, Patti Page and Jimmy Carter.
Categories: Environment

How to pack a whole lot of living into 221 square feet

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 3:38pm
Here's a tiny house that doesn't sacrifice much of anything (except a handrail)
Categories: Environment

What's Illinois going to do with 1.8 million old mercury thermostats?

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 1:00pm
They require proper waste disposal, since mercury contamination poses a serious environmental and personal health threat.
Categories: Environment

Photo: White tree, white clouds

TreeHugger - Thu, 2014/02/06 - 1:00pm
Blue sky and wispy clouds make a perfect backdrop for this sculptural tree.
Categories: Environment
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