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Are white roofs really three times more efficient than green roofs?

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 6:01pm
They are certainly more reflective, but that's not the only thing that matters.
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2013 marked the thirty-seventh consecutive year of above-average temperature

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 4:24pm
Last year was the thirty-seventh consecutive year of above-normal global temperature.
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Gorgeous green eco-house is built of straw and wood and topped with a green roof

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 3:59pm
Your carbon footprint includes embodied energy, so the choice of materials matters. The Limpley Stokes Eco House makes the right choices.
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Grey County Social Housing Adopts Smoke-Free Policy - The Meaford Independent

Google: Ontario housing coop - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 2:45pm

Grey County Social Housing Adopts Smoke-Free Policy
The Meaford Independent
Currently, one in three Ontarians live in an apartment, condo or co-op where they can be exposed to unwanted smoke through shared walls, hallways or ventilation systems. “We are thrilled that Grey County Housing is taking on this initiative to protect ...

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Flow battery breakthrough can store renewable energy cheaply

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 1:15pm
Storing solar energy for when the sun doesn't shine or wind power for a calm day costs too much. But that could all be changing.
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Don’t stop knitting! It keeps you healthy.

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 1:00pm
Who knew that knitting could have such a positive impact on our physical and mental health?
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Photo: Raccoon kit explores boot

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 1:00pm
This curious little raccoon has gone into a boot head-first.
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Growing an oasis in the desert and bananas in Massachusetts

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 12:03pm
"If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere," says Geoff Lawton. So let's get started.
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Broken Ghost: Recycled shabby chic cowgirl flair for all sizes

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 12:00pm
Wanting to see textiles not go to waste, this fashion designer creates darling, quality pieces of clothing out of unwanted fabrics.
Categories: Environment

Recycled flipflops turned into playful animal toys

TreeHugger - Tue, 2014/02/04 - 10:00am
Thousands of abandoned flipflops turn up on African shores--Ocean Sole recycles them into something good.
Categories: Environment

Dutch kids have a different relationship to the bicycle

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 11:39pm
Dutch kids are socialized to bicycling in a very different way than North American kids. Here are a few interesting things I noticed while living in the Netherlands
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India wants to build a solar project so large (4,000 megawatts), it would dwarf all others!

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 8:30pm
India currently depends on coal for more than half of its electricity production, but it also gets a lot of sun, giving it the potential to become a solar power titan in the future.
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Through the cracks - United Church Observer

Google: Ontario housing coop - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 8:14pm

United Church Observer

Through the cracks
United Church Observer
In Ontario alone, more than 12,000 people with developmental disabilities languish in a queue for group housing — some for as many as 15 years. And another 3,700 families await direct funding for in-home care, according to government statistics. That ...

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Bird smugglers caught with invasive species used for finch fighting

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 8:14pm
Dozens of birds die in transportation, while the survivors face and equally tragic destination.
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Oh no! Argentina's Magellanic penguin chicks are being killed by global warming

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 6:59pm
Small changes in weather can have big consequences for many animals, including the beautiful Magellanic penguin found at the tip of South-America.
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Harvest Home in Colorado is what we mean when we call a home sustainable and green

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 6:19pm
It's small, it's a row house, it's affordable and it could be replicated by anyone.
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76 hours after leaving Los Angeles, two record-breaking electric Teslas reach New York City

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 5:49pm
After 76 hours driving through blizzards, a blinding sand storm, freezing temperatures, and driving rain, the two Model S EVs reached New York's City Hall at 7:30 AM on Sunday February 2nd
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Richmond Hill homicides rattle town - Post City

Google: Ontario housing coop - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 5:12pm

Richmond Hill homicides rattle town
Post City
The shooting death of two teens at a housing complex in Richmond Hill has prompted some to rethink the safety of the town. York Regional Police (YRP) officers responded to a call at Centre Green Co-Operative Housing at 172 Centre St. E. and came upon ...

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Crystal ball solar charger concentrates the sun's rays on 1cm square solar cell

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 5:03pm
Instead of using more solar cells, or larger ones, this solar cellphone charger works by concentrating sunlight with a 'crystal ball' onto a tiny solar cell.
Categories: Environment

Photo: A patchwork of green and blue on the Okanogan delta

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 4:18pm
There's a wonderful sense of depth in this photograph of wetlands in Washington state.
Categories: Environment
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