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Sweetheart sugar cookies [vegan]

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 2:00pm
These cookies make a great edible Valentine.
Categories: Environment

In defence of Rob Ford: A guide to the perplexed about jaywalking

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 1:51pm
Toronto's mayor gets nabbed for jaywalking and can't understand why. Neither can I.
Categories: Environment

In defense of organic agriculture

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 1:00pm
It's not just about the pesticides. It's about supporting a philosophy that cares for the Earth.
Categories: Environment

Artist renders complex architectural portraits of nature by hand

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 12:00pm
It's easy nowadays to do everything by computer, but one artist is sticking to ye old pencil, ruler and compass to construct these stunning works depicting nature's brilliance.
Categories: Environment

DIY: Turn an old gas heater into hot succulent planter

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 12:00pm
Got a dead wall heater? This crafter shows how she turned hers into a fiesty planter for her succulents.
Categories: Environment

Mollusk shells inspire glass that bends but doesn't break

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 12:00pm
The strength of mollusk shells has led to the development of a new glass that is tougher and less brittle, meaning less fragile iPhone screens could be on their way.
Categories: Environment

They are calling this year's New American Home "the greenest in history."

TreeHugger - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 11:50am
Our take: It's not.
Categories: Environment

Real estate transactions Feb. 3, 2014 - Bradenton Herald

Google: Ontario housing coop - Mon, 2014/02/03 - 6:20am

Real estate transactions Feb. 3, 2014
Bradenton Herald
$117,900 Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to 2052610 Ontario Inc, Willowbrook Unit 4802, O.R. Book 02506 Page 1946, Jan. 21. ... $98,000 Eller Phillip E, Eller Mary M, Eller Revocable Family Living Trust to Meyer Kyle D, Meyer Beth A ...

Categories: Cooperatives

Mr. Finch transforms unloved vintage textiles into storybook flora and fauna

TreeHugger - Sat, 2014/02/01 - 6:31pm
Drawing inspiration from nature and British folklore, this male textile artist takes unwanted fabrics to create whimsical pieces of art.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Serious portrait of a red-tailed hawk

TreeHugger - Sat, 2014/02/01 - 1:00pm
A red-tailed hawk photographed in San Simeon, California.
Categories: Environment

20 more things I loved about Groningen (+ TONS of bike photos)

TreeHugger - Sat, 2014/02/01 - 12:54am
Here are 20 more things I loved about living and bicycling in Groningen, the Netherlands. Tons of pictures!
Categories: Environment

Compact pedal-powered generator lets you charge your gadgets (and burn calories) at your desk

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 9:09pm
Stick this little pedal-powered marvel under your desk, and charge your mobile devices by pedaling away while working.
Categories: Environment

ALL the rivers in the United States on a single beautiful interactive map!

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 7:15pm
A recent report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that 55 percent of U.S. rivers and streams are in poor condition. When we see a number like that we might not realize how many rivers there are in the US...
Categories: Environment

The top 10 posts of January, sort of

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 6:58pm
Let's call them the top ten new posts of the month because the archives really beat us all.
Categories: Environment

Why I write about sustainable fashion brands

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 6:21pm
Some feel that our coverage of clothing is "un-TreeHugger." Here's my rebuttal.
Categories: Environment

On Designboom: A gorgeous house built on stilts

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 5:13pm
One way to guarantee a view and to tread lightly is to build high in the sky.
Categories: Environment

Happy Chinese New Year: A roundup of some of our favorite posts

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:43pm
From speeding trains to instant buildings to tiny houses, so much interesting stuff is happening there.
Categories: Environment

"Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products" (book review)

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:00pm
Jeannie Marshall explores the negative impact of processed food on children the world over.
Categories: Environment

Photo: Scarlett quince blossom

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 1:00pm
We thought you could use some color in your day.
Categories: Environment

World's largest solar bridge now officially launched

TreeHugger - Fri, 2014/01/31 - 11:59am
The 1.1MW rail bridge spanning the Thames has been praised as London's latest architectural gem.
Categories: Environment
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