Community Centre Makeover Underway

View from foyer

Over the weekend the Marketing Committee had our Community Centre closed so that they could get started on giving it a makeover. It is now Monday and is open for business. Note that this marks the end of "phase 1" and that work will continue through this week and next weekend to bring a close to "phase 2." Be sure to check out our 2008 Community Centre Makeover gallery to see before, during, and after pictures, or better yet stop in for a visit.

This phase entailed at least the following:

  • priming "non-white" areas
  • removing all items from the walls including chair rails, pictures, cork board
  • repairing all holes and gaps in the walls
  • two coats of paint on foyer, main room, kitchen (one wall)
  • painting the kitchen cupboards
  • removing large shelf from laundry room to make storage room for chairs
  • repairing the couches
  • rearranging the furniture
  • removing old window fixtures (blinds)
  • cleaning and vacuuming the mess we made