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This is where you can find a collection of articles written by our members. Most of these articles have appeared in the Beaver Creek DAM, our Newsletter.

Free Local Computer Recycling


Disposing of “e-waste” (computers and other electronic equipment) can be a big pain. The Region of Waterloo offers some alternatives. The first suggestion costs money, there are a handful of brand specific options, and the last option is to “arrange with other e-waste recyclers/refurbishers”.

One such e-waste recycler is The Computer Recycling Depot, a certified member of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship, is located just across the street from the Waterloo landfill site on the property of the History Hergott Ciderr Mill. They allow you to drop off an unlimited amount of phase 1 e-waste for free such as:

  • Desktop computers
  • Portable computers
  • Computer peripherals
  • Monitors
  • Televisions
  • Printing devices

Learn more about The Computer Recycling Depot at their website including hours of operation and information about their pick up program!

Local Organic Fair Trade:

There are a handful of people at Beaver Creek that are really excited about LOFT: local organic fair trade. It is a local co-op that consists of farmers right in our own backyard. We are hoping to get enough interest in the local area to allow us to have a LOFT drop here at Beaver Creek. Just think, your order of fresh, organic, fair trade fruits and veggies delivered to Beaver Creek every week ready for you to pick up and enjoy. You can learn more at

Order options include:

  • The Family Box ($37): Similar to last season’s box, this box will contain a variety of vegetables and fruits for a small family or two hungry adults.
  • The Loft Bag ($25): This easy to handle bag will offer slightly smaller portions than the Family Box while still offering you an assortment of weekly fresh greens.
  • The Heavy Box ($50): This box is heavy!! A new addition this season for those who love to cook with vegetables. If veggies are your staple then this box is for you.

If we have at least ten orders, LOFT will make Beaver Creek a drop depot. Please email me at if you are interested in placing an order for pickup at Beaver Creek.

Growing Diversity

Member in the Gardens

Walking up to the garden plots early in the morning, before many others are up in the community, and finding other gardeners quietly enjoying the fresh morning in their gardens gives me much pleasure.

Some gardeners have had their plots offering up bounties of vegetables, fruits and/or flowers and herbs for many, many years while some of our newest members have been out in the spring, creating their own special place in our community garden.

We each have our own way of preparing the soil, planting, protecting the young plants, watering and nurturing our gardens.

I like how this shows our different personalities and the way we were shown. New gardeners are learning some old tricks from practiced folks and we all work to keep our plants healthy without using harmful pesticides. This is just another way that Beaver Creekers can stay near to nature and grow some tasty food.

March Game Night

I’m writing this article on Thurs. Feb. 19. I’m thinking about what games should be on the docket for March. Last week we had that lovely thaw; there were birds in the air, the light was different, the air smelled so moist and fresh. Today there’s snow on the ground again, and I don’t like it. No sir, is has me feeling downright grumpy. So I have decided that what I need for the March game night, and I hope this appeals to you, is a good night of hearty belly laughs. So I’m pulling out some party games…which will be:

1 in 5 Ontario tenants spend 50 per cent of income on housing: study

A member passed forward this article from CBC which refers to a study showing that 1 in 5 people are spending half of their income just to put a roof over their heads.

"While there is some debate about using 30% of a household's gross income as the threshold to measure affordability, there is little debate about affordability when tenant household spend 50% or more of their income on housing costs," the study said.

The percentage of Ontarians who spent half of their income on rental accommodation has remained constant in the past couple of years.

That is a bad sign, the groups said, when you consider that Canada has enjoyed a strong economy during the same period.

Games Night This Month : Kings


The January Games Night was great fun. We played Kingsburg (you’ll see more about it below) where Demons destroyed my Chapel and Zombies destroyed my Barracks, I would have been heart-broken had I not been eating chocolate. Jonathan and Josh were in a tight grab for the lead, Josh surprisingly beat him out by 1 point. We also played a couple of rounds of Ca$h N’ Gun$ (as advertised) where we learned that Courtney will shoot you if she has too, but she feels a little bad about it, and that our sweet, gentle-natured Patricia will giggle with glinty eyes while she shoots you in the head.

Games Night this month will be on Feb. 21, at 8pm and will feature the theme of “Kings”. The games we’ll be bringing down are as follows:

Tragic fire at Riverdale Housing Co-op

On the morning of February 3, 2009 there was a devastating fire at Riverdale Housing Co-op in Toronto has resulted in one death, several injuries, damage to several Units.

There is a history of co-ops helping co-ops in times of crisis. The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto has set up a fund to help the co-op and the families affected by the fire. You can help by donating to the Riverdale Co-op Fire Fund. Please make your cheques payable to the CHFT Charitable Fund.

Family Day

Family Day

Last year for Family Day a few families got together and spent some time in our Community Centre playing games and enjoying each other’s company. This year, Family Day is occurring on Monday February 16, and we’d like to invite your family to join us. Here the details:

Beaver Creek to Recover Frozen Money

Steve Furino

My trustee Google Alert as informed me that things are progressing in Beaver Creek's attempt to recover our $93,000 frozen in asset-backed commercial paper (ABC paper). Here is a small quote from an interview The Record had with Steve Furino yesterday.

This week's court approval of a plan that paves the way for the Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative where he lives to finally get back $93,000 in what he thought was a safe investment still has him wary. "I'm thrilled and relieved," he says.

But he notes there have been 13 or 14 postponements in the past.

Although everything has been signed, it will still take about a month before funds will actually be made available, and that is assuming there isn't yet another postponement.