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This is where you can find a collection of articles written by our members. Most of these articles have appeared in the Beaver Creek DAM, our Newsletter.

Honestly, Did You Ever Want to Shoot Me in the Head?

Ca$h 'n Gun$ being played after Thanksgiving dinner

Cuz, now's your chance! Games night this month will be featuring a game called Ca$h n' Gun$! where you get to do just that. It's a simple, fast, funny game and we'd love for you to come out and try it.

Games night in the past few months has had some poor attendance. So we decided that you may be more interested in coming out if you have an idea of what's going to be played. We've also moved it to the 3rd Sat. of every month instead of the 1st so that we can let you know in the Dam what we're featuring every month. We'd love to see you on Jan. 17 to teach you the fun that is...

Ca$h n' Gun$!

Living on Less

Thriving on Less - Simplifying in a Tough Economy

Times are tough, and unfortunately they will get tougher before they get any better. Everyone is starting to look at their expenses and evaluating where they can save. The kind folks at have produced a free ebook Thriving on Less - Simplifying in a Tough Economy. This handy resource details some helpful tips on how to not only survive, but to thrive during these times.

What follows is one of the largest suggestions found in the book.

Map to and of Beaver Creek now online

Today I have added a detailed map of Beaver Creek to the website. It uses Google Maps, and details many items of interest including:

  • Unit numbers for each block
  • Community Centre
  • Visitor Parking
  • Gazebo / Picnic Area
  • Playground / Sports Pad
  • Gardens / Fire Pit

You can find the new map at

Diversity and Spaghetti Sauce

Here is a great presentation by Malcolm Gladwell about how Howard Moskowitz discovered for the food industry that embracing the diversity of their customers they can make more people happy (and thus make more money).

Rally to support Thornhill Green

Save Thornhill Green Coop

York Region is going to court to try to force the sale of the assets of Thornhill Green Co-op to its housing company, Housing York, for little more than half the market value. The Co-op and CHF Canada are fighting the sale in court.

Plan to attend a rally in support of Thornhill Green Co-op.

Why Support Thornhill Green

  • Thornhill Green Co-op has been a good neighbour for over 15 years.
  • The co-op is fi nancially sound. It has more than $5.5 million in equity in its property and has received less subsidy than any co-op in the province.
  • There is no reason to sell and lose the benefits of resident-controlled housing.
  • Learn more at this special section of the CHF Canada website.

How You Can Help

Halloween Story for Kids


This is the story that I told the younger kids at our Gazebo on Halloween before they all headed off to the haunted house followed by trick-or-treating.

Dracula's Secret

Galloping horses pull a coach along a dark road. The driver shouts to me. "We will arrive at the castle soon. I'll drop you off and leave at once. I must get out of these woods before the moon rises. Strange things happen around here during the full moon."

"What kind of things?" I ask.

Beaver Creek Featured in SNAP

SNAP Kitchener/Waterloo Logo

I just received notice from my trusty Google Alert that Beaver Creek has been mentioned on the SNAP Kitchener/Waterloo site.

Beaver Creek Housing Cooperative in Waterloo is a great community to call home! On Sept. 13th they held their 2nd annual Fall Fair. From first thing in the morning until the wee hours, there was a jam packed day full of exciting events and activities for the whole family and live music from " Noisy Neighbours " to close the festivities. Even a torrential rainstorm didn't dampen the spirit of all involved!

Cooperaitve Housing Federation of Canada Creates a Federal Election Action Centre

CHF Canada's Act Logo for the 2008 Federal Election

The Cooperaitve Housing Federation of Canada (CHFC) has created a Federal Election Action Centre which details how we can help solve the housing problems in this country. Their list of advice includes:

Be sure to visit the site, to learn more and help do your part.

Co-ops welcome Liberal commitments on energy retrofits and promise of more housing announcements

I just got this email blast from the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada.

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion made an announcement of funding to help co-op members and other Canadians renovate their homes to conserve energy. The event took place at Pine Ridge Housing Co-operative in Burnaby, which is exploring the option of converting to thermal heating. In a discussion with housing co-op members, the Liberal leader also promised to reveal his plans for social and co-op housing later in the campaign.

This promise addresses one of the key issues CHF Canada and housing co-ops are raising in this election.

CHF Canada welcomes this major announcement and looks forward to hearing more from all parties during this campaign.

Canada's Olympic Flag Bearer a Co-op Kid

Adam van Koeverden

Adam van Koeverden carried Canada's flag at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Van Koeverden, a kayaker who won a silver in Beijing and gold and bronze medals in Athens, grew up at Chautauqua Co-operative Homes in Oakville, Ontario -- where his mother, Beata Bokrossy, still lives.

It’s not just ability that wins medals. It takes a very secure person to take the kind of personal risks and do the kind of work that Adam did, and the community was a big part of that. I don’t think that as a single parent raising two kids that I would have had the sense of personal security that I had if I hadn’t lived in a co-op, and that can’t help but have been transferred to my children. Adam is a co-op kid who understands and appreciates the value of having grown up in a co-op.