Halloween Story for Kids


This is the story that I told the younger kids at our Gazebo on Halloween before they all headed off to the haunted house followed by trick-or-treating.

Dracula's Secret

Galloping horses pull a coach along a dark road. The driver shouts to me. "We will arrive at the castle soon. I'll drop you off and leave at once. I must get out of these woods before the moon rises. Strange things happen around here during the full moon."

"What kind of things?" I ask.

"When the moon is full," says the driver, "wolves prowl about and bats fly the skies. The wolves and bats travel with vampires."

"There's no such things as vampires," I say.

I sit back in the coach, too tired to be scared. I had been traveling for weeks.

I had a secret letter from Beaver Creek. Mike, our President, asked me to give the letter to Count Dracula of Transylvania.

"Whoa! Here's your stop, the castle of Count Dracula." shouts the driver. The coach stops. I get out. In front of me is a dark castle with an iron door and several towers.

I turn to thank the driver, but he was already gone.

I pull the rope next to the door. The bell rings -- ding-dong. A man in an elegant suit stands in a dark hallway.

"Welcome to Transylvania, Mr. Dietrich," he says. "I've been expecting you." Count Dracula steps forward and shakes my hand. The strength of his grip scares me. A chill travels up my spine.

"Thank you, Count Dracula," I say. The count's skin is as pale as the full moon, which rises in the sky. Suddenly I hear a wolf howl in the distance. Bats flap overhead.

"Listen to the welcoming sounds of the night," says the count.

I shudder. "You have an interesting country,"

"You must be very hungry after your long journey," says the count. "Come. Dinner is ready."

I follow the count to the dining hall. Heaping plates of food are on the table. I forget that I am scared and I sit down. From his place at the table, the count watches me. The count's plate is empty. He does not eat.

"Count Dracula," I say "Won't you join me and eat some supper?"

"I will eat later," says the count. The count smiles. Two sharp, white teeth glimmer in the candlelight.

After dinner, the count shows me to my room. "Sleep as long as you like," says the count. "I won't be home tomorrow until after dark."

"Thank you" I say. "Before you leave, I have something for you." I give the secret letter to Count Dracula. "This is a secret letter from our President, Mike."

Dracula smiles widely. He takes the letter. "Ah, yes," he says. "I have been waiting a long time for this."

That night I did not sleep well. I had nightmares about howling wolves and flying bats.

The next day, I explore the castle. I try to open the other doors along the hallway. They are all locked.

Finally, I try a heavy door at the top of the stairs. The rusty latch breaks in my hand. The door swings open to reveal a stairway. I follow the twisting stairs deep beneath the castle. At the bottom, I enter a dark room lit by torches. Several wooden boxes rest on the floor.

I kneel near one of them. I slowly pull back the lid. I almost scream. The box contains Count Dracula. He is a vampire.

I run from the room, race up the staircase, back to my room, and quickly pack my bag. "I have got to get out of here," I think to myself. Through the window, I see the sun is low in the sky.

I run to the iron door at the castle entrance. Three wooden beams cross the door. "The count has locked me inside the castle!" I shout.

I look around the dark hallway. I find a small flap in the corner. "This must be a door for a dog... or a wolf!" I think. Quickly, I squeeze through the little door.

Just then a wolf howls in the distance. Bats fly from the castle towers. The sun begins to sink below the trees. I find a horse near the castle walls. I jump on the horse's back. The frightened horse gallops from the castle, carrying me to safety.

After many weeks, I arrive back at Beaver Creek. My wife, Julie, and my kids Olivia and Dexter, are happy to have me home. "I'm so happy you are back. Strange things are happening here at Beaver Creek." Julie says.

"What happening?" I ask.

"Bats have been flying over Beaver Creek," says Olivia. "I hear wolves howling." adds Dexter.

"Bats and wolves at Beaver Creek?" I ask. "That's silly. Bats and wolves live in Transylvania, not at Beaver Creek. My poor family, why don't we go play at the playground and then go for a nice walk to the gardens tonight before we go home? That will take your minds off such strange things."

"Maybe you are right," says Julie.

We go play at the playground until dark and then we go for a nice walk down to the gardens.

"What a lovely night." I say.

"You were right," says Julie. "I'm feeling better. Look at the full moon. Isn't it just beautiful?"

Just then a man in an elegant suit passes us on the sidewalk.

"Good evening, Mr. Dietrich," he says. I turn to face him. The man smiles. I see two sharp, white teeth. The man is Count Dracula.

I cannot believe my eyes. The count is at Beaver Creek. "Julie," I say, "I must visit the President, Mike. I have an important question to ask him. But, first, I will take you and the kids home."

"You are acting wierd," says Julie. "I hope everything is okay."

I walk Julie, Olivia and Dexter home. Then I run to Mike's house. As I knock on the door, I hear a wolf howl. Bats fly about. I shudder.

"Hello, Jonathan," says Mike.

"I'm sorry for it's so late," I say. "I need to know what the letter said that I gave Count Dracula."

"Count Dracula had requested that the letter remain secret," says Mike. "But I can tell you now. The letter shows that he has been approved for membership at Beaver Creek, that he can move here."

"H-h-he can move here? Count Dracula is going to live at Beaver Creek now?" I shout.

Mike smiles.

"You're going to have a new neighbor," says Mike. "Count Dracula is moving into the Unit right next to yours."