Honestly, Did You Ever Want to Shoot Me in the Head?

Ca$h 'n Gun$ being played after Thanksgiving dinner

Cuz, now's your chance! Games night this month will be featuring a game called Ca$h n' Gun$! where you get to do just that. It's a simple, fast, funny game and we'd love for you to come out and try it.

Games night in the past few months has had some poor attendance. So we decided that you may be more interested in coming out if you have an idea of what's going to be played. We've also moved it to the 3rd Sat. of every month instead of the 1st so that we can let you know in the Dam what we're featuring every month. We'd love to see you on Jan. 17 to teach you the fun that is...

Ca$h n' Gun$!

All players (the game plays with 4-6 people) are criminals just back from a take. The booty is laid out on the table and players "shoot it out" to get as much as they can. This is done by simultaneous selection of a
card from your personal deck, which indicates whether you are shooting to wound, to kill, or have blanks. Everyone makes their selection secretly and points a gun at another player. At this point you can wimp out and take none of the booty, or hope that the player pointing at you has a blank. Players standing at the end of the round split the booty. Of course, in your deck of cards there is only 1 shoot to kill, 2 shoot to wounds, and 5 blanks, so there is quite a lot of bluffing. And you'd be surprised at just how fun it is to point a gun at the head of a loved one. If you want to learn more about it, check out its page on boardgamegeek.com. Make sure to look at the photos, to see how much fun it is.