Is buying a house better than living in a co-op?

With mortgage rates at all-time lows, is it a better financial investment to buy a house of live in a co-op?

Usually money is not the only issue when someone decides to buy a house, rent an apartment or live in a co-op. Some people prefer the co-op community, others enjoy the pride and pleasure of owning their house. I won't speak to these issues. I'll simply look at the question:

Would I have more wealth in twenty years if I bought a house or if I invested the difference between buying a house and living in a co-op?

Affordable Housing Doesn't Pay: why private developers will not pick up the slack from government

If the provincial government wants to get out of the housing business, who would build non-profit and co-operative housing in Ontario? According to Dwight Syms, no one.

Cars and the Spirit of Co-op Living: By the way... could I borrow your car again?

Last spring, Geraldine and I threw in the towel on our most recent used car. After spending hundreds of dollars on never ending repairs, the engine cracked a week after we had the brakes fixed!

We agreed we had learned everything the universe possibly had to teach us about driving a succession of worn-out lemons into the ground. So we sat around the kitchen table and tried to budget for a new car. It was possible, but we thought a diet of bread and water for that many years might be a bit much.