Learn about the Referendum

Confused about the upcoming referendum on electoral reform? A public
meeting will be held at Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative on Bearinger
Road in North Waterloo this Friday, September 28, starting at 7:00
pm to answer your questions.

Representatives of Referendum Ontario and Fair Vote Canada will
present information and answer questions. Whether you vote during the
advance polls or on October 10, you will receive two ballots. One will
be for picking your candidate in the provincial election, the other
will ask you which electoral system should Ontario use to elect
members to the provincial legislature.

The meeting will take place in the co-op's Community Centre. Beaver
Creek is located at 590 Bearinger Road near the intersection of
Bearinger and Westmount. For more information phone the office at:
(519) 886-1081

Note: Light refreshments will be provided. Please refrain from wearing scented products for those who have scent sensitivities.