March Game Night

I’m writing this article on Thurs. Feb. 19. I’m thinking about what games should be on the docket for March. Last week we had that lovely thaw; there were birds in the air, the light was different, the air smelled so moist and fresh. Today there’s snow on the ground again, and I don’t like it. No sir, is has me feeling downright grumpy. So I have decided that what I need for the March game night, and I hope this appeals to you, is a good night of hearty belly laughs. So I’m pulling out some party games…which will be:

Say Anything - A light-hearted game about what you and your friends think. It gives you the chance to settle questions that have been hotly debated for centuries. For instance, “What is the most overrated band of all time?” or “Which celebrity would be the most fun to hang out with for a day?” So dig deep into your heart or just come up with something witty. Players bet on the best answer.

Handy - With your teammates, hold balls between your fingers while more and more balls are added to the “hand tree.” Can you hold steady long enough to win? Don’t drop the balls!!

Attribute - In Attribute, you try your best to guess the opinions of the other players about topics chosen by the players. Each player always has four attribute cards and a red or green sheep card in his hand. One player chooses a topic. All players with green sheep try to play an attribute matching this topic, all players with red sheep try to play one that doesn’t match. All played attribute cards are revealed simultaneously and the players must try to slap a topic-matching attribute card played by another player who also played a green sheep. Points are earned for correct matches.

BANG! - BANG! is a shootout game, in Spaghetti Western style, between a group of Outlaws and the Sheriff, who is their primary target. The Deputies incognitos help the Sheriff, but there is also a Renegade pursuing his own goal! In BANG! each player plays one of these roles, and represents a famous Wild West inspired character.

We’re bumping the time ahead by an hour to make it easier for people to come, so games night will start at 7pm on Sat. March 21. We look forward to seeing you this month for games night and a good laugh. (And remember, the co op reimburses babysitting for co op events.)