The Board manages and directs the business of the Co-op in accordance with the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act and the Co-op's Bylaws.

The Board's responsibilities include:

  • Membership:
    • approving or declining membership applications,
    • setting the agenda for all members' meetings,
    • reporting to the members on their activities,
    • making sure that education about Co-operatives is available to all members,
  • Finances:
    • overseeing the financial affairs of the Co-op,
    • making financial decisions for the Co-op,
    • making sure that the Co-op has enough insurance coverage,
  • Committees and Members:
    • directing and co-ordinating the activities of all Committees,
    • making sure that the Co-op property is well maintained,
    • involving the Co-op in the broader Co-operative movement and in the local community
  • Employees:
    • giving a clear outline of the responsibilities of staff,
    • hiring, firing, and directing employees as stated in the Bylaws,
    • setting the salary and employment terms of employees,
    • making sure that education about Co-operatives is available to employees.

The Board can delegate some of these responsibilities to Committees or staff.  However, the Board has final responsibility.

Facts about the Board:

  • The Board of Directors is composed of eight co-op members who must sign a confidentiality agreement and a code of conduct.
  • These directors are elected by the members of our co-op at our Annual General Meeting in the Fall.
  • Every year, four new people are elected for a two year term; thus there are always fresh faces on the Board who are then mentored by the returning Board members.
  • The officer positions on the Board include: President, Vice President, and Secretary.
  • The Board typically meets twice a month.