Beaver Creek Housing Cooperative encompasses five acres of land, and needs constant landscape maintenance. To this end we have a Landscape Committee.  Landscape's purpose has three parts:

  1. maintain the common outdoor area of the Co-op,
  2. enhance the ecological diversity of the site and its surroundings, and
  3. foster an appreciation in the membership of the landscaped environment.

Things the Landscape Committee is responsible for include:

  • garbage, recycling, compost and snow removal contracts;
  • planning and implementing Fall and Spring Work Day jobs;
  • maintaining the play structures, parking, signs and common outdoor areas;
  • maintaining and managing the landscape equipment and supplies;
  • co-ordination of the community gardens;
  • approving landscape improvement requests from members for their backyard spaces;
  • reviewing and regulating land use and planting policies;
  • educating the membership of landscaping topics;
  • and any other aspect of looking after our outdoor environment.

Contact: landscape (at)

Orchard Committee is a sub-committee of Landscape Committee. Their primary goal is to develop and maintain our organic permaculture orchard which features the following trees and berry plants:

  • apple
  • Asian pear
  • cherry (sweet and sour)
  • apricot
  • peach
  • nectarine
  • paw paw
  • chum
  • raspberry
  • gooseberry
  • aronia berry
  • blueberry
  • aronia berry
  • hardy kiwi
  • grapes
  • haskap
  • blackberry
  • currant
  • quince

Contact: orchard (at)