The purpose of the Maintenance Committee is to ensure proper maintenance of our Co-op property and buildings. The committee is responsible for the design, planning, and administration of the maintenance program.

Maintenance Committee also makes sure members have input into planning and spending on future maintenance needs.

The Maintenance Committee:

  • Develops long term plans and prepares budgets to meet those goals.
  • Reviews and approves any unit improvements to support members who wish to make upgrades to their unit. It is important that these improvements are done skillfully, and safely.
  • Provides regular unit inspections to make sure the units are in good working order and any repairs needed will be done by a hired contractor.
  • Ensure that emergency maintenance issues are dealt with.
  • Informs and educates members about their maintenance responsibilities and repairs.
  • Oversees the use and maintains an inventory of maintenance equipment and supplies.
  • Reviews and adjusts reserve spending for maintenance and replacement as necessary.

Maintenance Committee strives to maintain balance between the needs of the individual member and that of the co-operative as a whole when processing member requests.

To support the work of the committee it is the Co-op members' responsibility:

  • to provide care and upkeep for their units,
  • to fill out work orders when repairs are needed,
  • to fill out unit improvement forms before doing any work on their unit,
  • to provide feedback, ideas, or questions regarding maintenance plans. 

Contact: maintenance (at)