March Game Night

I’m writing this article on Thurs. Feb. 19. I’m thinking about what games should be on the docket for March. Last week we had that lovely thaw; there were birds in the air, the light was different, the air smelled so moist and fresh. Today there’s snow on the ground again, and I don’t like it. No sir, is has me feeling downright grumpy. So I have decided that what I need for the March game night, and I hope this appeals to you, is a good night of hearty belly laughs. So I’m pulling out some party games…which will be:

Games Night This Month : Kings


The January Games Night was great fun. We played Kingsburg (you’ll see more about it below) where Demons destroyed my Chapel and Zombies destroyed my Barracks, I would have been heart-broken had I not been eating chocolate. Jonathan and Josh were in a tight grab for the lead, Josh surprisingly beat him out by 1 point. We also played a couple of rounds of Ca$h N’ Gun$ (as advertised) where we learned that Courtney will shoot you if she has too, but she feels a little bad about it, and that our sweet, gentle-natured Patricia will giggle with glinty eyes while she shoots you in the head.

Games Night this month will be on Feb. 21, at 8pm and will feature the theme of “Kings”. The games we’ll be bringing down are as follows:

Family Day

Family Day

Last year for Family Day a few families got together and spent some time in our Community Centre playing games and enjoying each other’s company. This year, Family Day is occurring on Monday February 16, and we’d like to invite your family to join us. Here the details:

Honestly, Did You Ever Want to Shoot Me in the Head?

Ca$h 'n Gun$ being played after Thanksgiving dinner

Cuz, now's your chance! Games night this month will be featuring a game called Ca$h n' Gun$! where you get to do just that. It's a simple, fast, funny game and we'd love for you to come out and try it.

Games night in the past few months has had some poor attendance. So we decided that you may be more interested in coming out if you have an idea of what's going to be played. We've also moved it to the 3rd Sat. of every month instead of the 1st so that we can let you know in the Dam what we're featuring every month. We'd love to see you on Jan. 17 to teach you the fun that is...

Ca$h n' Gun$!