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A video short of over 30 peoples views on what it means to be co-operative. Produced for Co-operatives Fortnight 2010 in the UK.

A Message from the Dalai Lama

“No amount of legislation or coercion can accomplish the well-being of society, as it depends on the inner attitude of its members.” — Dalai Lama

Rooftops Canada now recruiting for interns

Rooftops Canada Abri International Logo

Rooftops Canada is pleased to announce the beginning of recruitment for the 2008 International Youth Internship Program. This is an excellent opportunity for new and recent graduates aged 19 to 30 who are interested in working overseas. Rooftops is recruiting nine interns for six-month internships in Chile, South Africa, Cameroon, Egypt, and India. The internships will start in July or August 2008. This internship program is part of the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy, facilitated by CIDA's Youth Action Division. Each intern receives a stipend to cover travel and living expenses for the six-month overseas placement.

The deadline for applications has been extended to May 16, 2008.

Oak, Quercus

Giant oak with man.

Beaver Creek has three varieties of oak. The oaks along the road are red oaks. The oak between Block Five and Block Six is a white oak. And the oak in the field beside Block Nine is a bur oak. There is also a bur oak near the fire pit and in among the sumac behind Block Two.

In his book, Oak: The Frame of Civilization, William Logan emphasizes the critical relationship humanity has had with oak since the ending of the last ice ages about 15,000 years ago. This is an excellent book and is available from the library, call number 634.9721. Most of the information in this article is extracted from this book.


Today, I am very proud and happy to be a member of Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek is much more than just somewhere to live; we are a community, almost like an extended family. I was reminded of a couple of posters I have seen around, which I want to purchase for our Community Centre, that describe how to build a community and how to build a global community. Looking over the lists, I am proud to say that many members at Beaver Creek are actually actively building our community by doing the actions listed. There are some items that I am not currently doing, but want to. Take a look at the lists and see what you can do to build your community.

How To Build Global Community

2008 Earth Hour Wrap-up

Roll your own

On Saturday a group of members, their families and guests celebrated Earth Hour together. We gathered in our Community Centre where we were able to roll our own beeswax candles which we lit and took for a walk through the darkened streets. Arriving back at our Community Centre, a member told entranced young and old with some stories. Members were invited to stay for a cup of tea and discuss how we could make Beaver Creek even more "green."

Special thanks to Candlepower for donating the candle supplies, to Ryan Chen-Wing from The Record for covering the event, and to all of the members who helped out or attended this event. Be sure to check out our 2008 Earth Hour gallery for more photos from the event.

Roll your own

Roll your own

Members and their families were able to roll their own beeswax candles, which were later lit for a community walk and storytelling.

A little help

A little help

Community teens volunteered to provide instructions and some extra help making the beeswax candles.