There is an alternative.

A video short of over 30 peoples views on what it means to be co-operative. Produced for Co-operatives Fortnight 2010 in the UK.

Get your local sustainably grown organic food here!

Loft Market

I am proud to announce that Beaver Creek is now a depot for Loft Market! Every Thursday between 3:45pm and 7:00pm you can arrange to have a bundle of fresh local produce delivered to Beaver Creek for pickup.

There are 2 different sizes and they have also added and option of a local/nonlocal box that includes some non local organic fruits.

This year they have included community bags at the depots if there is something in your bag you do not like. You can swap it out for something more to your liking. As always they include recipes that week for something new in your bag that maybe you aren’t sure what to do with.

I have been getting Loft Boxes since last year and have been really enjoying them and now will be able to walk down to our Community Centre to pick it up!

For more info check it out at

Come Out and Help Naturalize the Creek

CAJ sapling two leaves

This is your invitation to come out and help plant baby trees and bushes. After submitting a proposal to the president of the University of Waterloo, we have been granted permission to:

Naturalize the Creek at Bearinger and Pinebush with indigenous species of trees and shrubbery.

If you and your family would like to take part in this exciting event, grab a shovel and meet us.

  • Where: the corner of Bearinger and Pinebush
  • When: next Saturday, April 17 at 9:30 a.m.
  • Why: Our new trees and shrubs will provide food and shelter to wildlife that lives by the Creek.

We are inviting all members of Beaver Creek, as well as our Lakeshore neighbours, to come out and participate in this exciting endeavour.

Hope to see you there!!

Family Day

Family Day

Last year for Family Day a few families got together and spent some time in our Community Centre playing games and enjoying each other’s company. This year, Family Day is occurring on Monday February 16, and we’d like to invite your family to join us. Here the details:

Halloween Story for Kids


This is the story that I told the younger kids at our Gazebo on Halloween before they all headed off to the haunted house followed by trick-or-treating.

Dracula's Secret

Galloping horses pull a coach along a dark road. The driver shouts to me. "We will arrive at the castle soon. I'll drop you off and leave at once. I must get out of these woods before the moon rises. Strange things happen around here during the full moon."

"What kind of things?" I ask.

Housing Cooperative Makes Even Lewiston Liveable

Kelly found this great video made by some of the members of a housing cooperative in Lewiston, Maine. I don't know much about Lewiston, but according to the video, it gets a bad rap. These members tell the world that Lewiston is not all bad, and that their cooperative is helping to create a worth while community.

Participation vs Community Building

I think it is easy for "community builders" to forget that the primary purpose of our cooperatives is to provide affordable housing by having the members pool their money together. The cooperative principles only include economic participation, and most cooperatives have a very detailed policy for dealing with arrears. Everything else is gravy.

By keeping a good attitude about those who are participating, and by becoming strong community builders, we can foster an environment where more people will see value in the community and thus more likely to become community builders.

See my lists detailing how to participate vs how to help build a community.


Today, I am very proud and happy to be a member of Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek is much more than just somewhere to live; we are a community, almost like an extended family. I was reminded of a couple of posters I have seen around, which I want to purchase for our Community Centre, that describe how to build a community and how to build a global community. Looking over the lists, I am proud to say that many members at Beaver Creek are actually actively building our community by doing the actions listed. There are some items that I am not currently doing, but want to. Take a look at the lists and see what you can do to build your community.

How To Build Global Community

How to Build a Community

  • Turn off the TV
  • Know your neighbor
  • Look up when you are walking
  • Greet people
  • Sit on the stoop
  • Plant flowers
  • Use your library
  • Play together
  • Buy from local merchants
  • Share what you have
  • Help a lost dog
  • Take children to the park
  • Garden together
  • Support neighborhood schools
  • Fix it even if you didn't break it
  • Have block parties
  • Honor your elders
  • Pick up litter
  • Read stories aloud
  • Dance in the street