Family Day

Family Day

Last year for Family Day a few families got together and spent some time in our Community Centre playing games and enjoying each other’s company. This year, Family Day is occurring on Monday February 16, and we’d like to invite your family to join us. Here the details:

Canada's Olympic Flag Bearer a Co-op Kid

Adam van Koeverden

Adam van Koeverden carried Canada's flag at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Van Koeverden, a kayaker who won a silver in Beijing and gold and bronze medals in Athens, grew up at Chautauqua Co-operative Homes in Oakville, Ontario -- where his mother, Beata Bokrossy, still lives.

It’s not just ability that wins medals. It takes a very secure person to take the kind of personal risks and do the kind of work that Adam did, and the community was a big part of that. I don’t think that as a single parent raising two kids that I would have had the sense of personal security that I had if I hadn’t lived in a co-op, and that can’t help but have been transferred to my children. Adam is a co-op kid who understands and appreciates the value of having grown up in a co-op.

Participation vs Community Building

I think it is easy for "community builders" to forget that the primary purpose of our cooperatives is to provide affordable housing by having the members pool their money together. The cooperative principles only include economic participation, and most cooperatives have a very detailed policy for dealing with arrears. Everything else is gravy.

By keeping a good attitude about those who are participating, and by becoming strong community builders, we can foster an environment where more people will see value in the community and thus more likely to become community builders.

See my lists detailing how to participate vs how to help build a community.