Tea Time

Tea Time

After the community walk and story telling, members were invited to stay for tea and discuss how we could make Beaver Creek more "green."

Earth Hour Plans

This Saturday, March 29, starting at 7:00 p.m., members of Beaver Creek Housing Co-operative will turn off their lights for an hour in the cause of fighting climate change.

Members and their invited friends will make their own hand-rolled beeswax candles to light for a community walk, followed by story telling for all ages and a discussion on "greening" their housing community.

How are you going to spend Earth Hour?

Bee's wax for the event provided by Candlepower (519)886-0662.

Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum)

Sugar Maple

Sugar maple is the quintessential Canadian tree. A sugar maple leaf adorns our flag and “sugaring” is part of Canada’s history and culture. Canada produces around 80% of the world’s maple syrup with most of the balance produced in Vermont and New York states. Sugar maple is a large component of the fall colour display providing gorgeous arrays of yellow, orange and red. Sugar maple was designated as Canada’s national tree in 1965.

Round Two: University 3 – Environmentalists 0

On April 23 city council reconsidered the sports field environmental assessment (EA) and voted six to one, to approve the EA. Obviously councilors had been lobbied extensively by the university. A few councilors justified their vote by trying to separate their approval of the EA from the final approval of the sports field deal which will come later.

Councilors did not hear the arguments that the EA process and its conclusions were flawed.

Eastern Redbud: Cercis Canadensis L.

Redbud in bloom

Redbud is a small tree which is inundated with mauve blossoms in late April to early May before leaves develop. It competes with forsythia in providing a spectacular spring show.

Although redbud is part of the Carolinian forest, south-western Ontario is the absolute northern limit of its range. Contrary to its Latin name, most American publications list it as native only to eastern United States from northern Florida to Vermont and west to the prairies. However a late eighteenth century letter describes a redbud tree at the tip of Point Pelee which at the time was being eroded by waves and subsequently lost to further inquiry. But it is this reference which Ontario botanists cite to prove that redbud is a native to southern Ontario. Redbuds which grow wild in southern Ontario are assumed to come from Michigan seed stock.

Round One: Environmentalists 1 – University 0

In a marathon meeting on the evening of February 19, city council voted 5 to 2 in favour of delaying receiving the environmental assessment which recommends sports fields on the environmental reserve.

Cars and the Spirit of Co-op Living: By the way... could I borrow your car again?

Last spring, Geraldine and I threw in the towel on our most recent used car. After spending hundreds of dollars on never ending repairs, the engine cracked a week after we had the brakes fixed!

We agreed we had learned everything the universe possibly had to teach us about driving a succession of worn-out lemons into the ground. So we sat around the kitchen table and tried to budget for a new car. It was possible, but we thought a diet of bread and water for that many years might be a bit much.