Cooperative Flag

If you want:

  • to move to or within the Kitchener Waterloo area,
  • a democratic place to live where you can have a voice,
  • an empowering place to live where you can learn new skills and grow,
  • a safe place to live where your kids can play outside with other kids,
  • an eco-friendly place to live with gardens and no pesticides,
  • an affordable place to live without the overhead of paying a landlord,
  • a diverse place to live with people of different cultures,
    races, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientations, and
    income brackets,
  • a community to move into as opposed to just a house,
  • or are just interested in learning more about cooperative housing

... then we would love to hear from you.

Beaver Creek Housing Co-op is composed of a group of people who have joined together to provide housing for themselves. What we have created is a secure, affordable home in a community setting. Like all housing co-operatives, we are an independent, self-directing legal association. Persons living here form the membership.

Each resident member has one vote. A board of directors, composed of members, is elected to manage the affairs of the co-op. Members make monthly payments covering the cost of the mortgage, taxes and all operating costs. There is no profit for anyone. Beaver Creek depends on the active participation of members for its healthy and successful operation. Active participation includes service on the committees or board and assistance with ongoing maintenance of the co-op.