What are the bees telling us? Six Calls to Action to Help the Honeybees


Bees need good shelter, good plants, good water and healthy communities – so do we! What is good for them is also good for us. Out of this one thought, you can help change our world!

  1. Bee informed! – Check out books on bees, pollinators; websites on bee sanctuaries, biodynamic gardening and farming; natural beekeeping; local native bee-friendly plants; neonicontinoid chemicals that harm bees; genetically modified foods; Warre hives; top bar hives; urban and backyard beekeeping; Demeter beekeeping standards (You can learn lots at our “Bee the Change” event)

  2. Plant six, new (for you) bee-friendly flowers, herbs, shrubs, berries or trees as soon as possible. Find alternatives to artificial fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides.

  3. Buy local, raw honey from beekeepers dedicated to strengthening honeybees.

  4. Buy local organic produce! Join a weekly food box program.

  5. Water – bees get thirsty. Put a small basin of fresh water outside in your bee-friendly garden with stones, small sticks for landing. Change water frequently.

  6. Support & Share your new ideas together with your family including young children, teens, friends, neighbours! Have potlucks with honey-based recipes. Start an Adopt-A-Hive program in our area. Buy or rent movies that support honeybees. Sign an on-line petition to ban neonicontinoid pesticides. Sign up to attend the first Ontario biodynamic beekeeping course coming soon.

Some websites to explore: