The Unit Improvement Form is used to contact the Maintenance Committee and gain permission to make significant improvements to your unit that you are willing to pay for and leave as part of the unit upon move-out. For example, adding doors, adding extra lighting, finishing basements, or changing flooring. Below are the rules in our bylaws outlining the procedures around unit improvements.


Rules for unit improvements are detailed in Bylaw #8, Schedule Q, section 6 - “Unit Improvement Procedures”.

The Unit Improvement Procedure provides that (among other things):

  • No reimbursement for materials or labour will be made by the Co-op at the time the improvements are made or at move out.
  • No reimbursement for materials or labour may be asked by the member to any member moving into the unit.
  • The unit improvement becomes the property of the Co-op
  • The member should indicate how they will comply with any relevant building codes and provide copies of all building permits.
  • Changes made without written approval from the Maintenance Committee must be restored to the original condition.
  • If the work is unacceptable the member will be required to bring the work up to standard. If the member does not do so the Co-op will, at a time of its choice, endeavour to return the unit to its prior condition and will bill the member for all costs incurred.
Download the unit improvement form (PDF)